New Updates (October 18th 2017)

Hello fellow readers/writers! I know I haven’t been writing on here lately but I thought I’d do a quick life update.

To start, I’m in grade 8 now. I’ve been back in school for two and a half months and I have already done a few tests and quizzes. All good marks.. ish. My goal this year is to get top 3 in my class for reading. I have read 2 almost three books so I think I got this.

On the farm we have 30 chickens and 6 pigs. Next year we are hoping to have a few cows and hopefully some turkeys.

I am getting a new phone soon enough. She just needs to clear it out and then I get it. Instead of paying $140 she said I could exchange babysitting her 2 year old and 4 month old for the phone. So I owe her like 26 hours of babysitting or something now.



When the Darkness Hits- Part one

Book?! YEP!

Chapter 1


It felt like weeks since the last time I had seen my mother. I had just moved to Alberta from New York. My mom was the only one in the city that got my passion, travel, adventure, experience. The kids in my 12th grade class and down never understood why I would want to see what the world holds for me. They always are focused on either nerdy stuff or things that will and won’t ever happen to them. My mother has always been my best friend, my right hand man. Now that I am so far away from her, I have no one to talk to when I get home from work and no one to spill my feelings too. I turned off my car and pressed my head to the steering wheel, taking a long, deep breath before getting out and staggering to the front door. I immediately took off my shoes, standing on the heels to pull them off and dropping off my mail of the unwashed counters. It was dusty, and smelly. I knew the moving van was still on it’s way so I wouldn’t have anything to do for an hour or so. I decided to get an old piece of ripped cloth and wipe down the old, cracked counters. I tidied the kitchen and living room for a while, wiping and dusting every corner of this rotten dump I’m forced to live in for the next 6 months at least. Before I went to cleaning out my fridge ( I was a little scared ), I plugged in my ear buds and put on “Playlist for when I am bored.” on shuffle and the first song that played was a nineties song, “I want it that way- Backstreet boys.” I grunt out the lyrics as I open my nasty fridge and plug my nose almost instantly as the old owner had left fruits and vegetables that had been there for what seemed like years. I pulled out mushes of whatever she had left for me to clean. After realizing I can make the best out of this sucky situation, my mumble of lyrics became the next “America’s Got Talent” Audition. I was jamming out and galloping like an idiot in my dirty kitchen. I was just about to sing even louder and more obnoxious when there was a knock on the door.


Hope you enjoyed the first chapter of my story. If you want more, let me know in the comments below and I will respond to you. Also if you have any ideas for the story or the blog, let me know. Thanks! Enjoy the rest of the blog! 🙂


Hello fellow readers/writers! Today I have no idea what I am writing about so stay with me here.

I want to make another youtube video soon but I am running out of ideas for my newest video. If you guys would like to help me with a video idea, and I like it, I will give you a shout out on my channel. If you go and check out my channel (Kaytiekaboom) you will see what videos I already have. If you get any ideas, drop a comment on this post and I will like it once I’ve seen it.

I know there wasn’t that much today, but enjoy your day anyways! BYE!

Laughing Fit

Hello fellow readers/writers! Today I will be talking about a thing that happened yesterday that I’ll refer to as “the laughing fit”. Let’s just say Riley and Kaylie made me laugh so hard I started to cry. Before I get on with the story, leave me a comment letting me know what stories or subjects you’d like me to talk about.

Okay so in science class yesterday, Kaylie and I went into the boot room to finish up a project that we were working on. Of course, naturally, Riley uses his ninja spy skills and finds us. He came to ‘work’ with us as well. Then with Justin speed, Justin appears out of no where. Then, the virus begins. Riley decided it would be funny to make a face at me, causing me to laugh for about 2 minutes before Riley starts laughing because I’m laughing and then Kaylie starts laughing because Rileys laughing and Justin is just sat there like “I wanna laugh, help me.” and we were laughing at that and then we continued to laugh and cry for about 45 minutes straight. Once the bell rang we stopped laughing for 5 minutes before bursting out into laughter again and crying even harder then the last time. Skip a few hours and after school Riley and I were snap chatting and he sends me a video of him laughing again, which makes me laugh again and we went in a loop of laughing for another hour and a half. This morning we just looked at eachother and he and I both laughed a little bit before catching our breath and finally regaining humanity to ourselves. But the rest of the day awaits and I feel like the story isn’t over yet..

Thanks for Reading! Bye!

Walks for lunch

Hello fellow readers/writers! Wow I can’t believe how far I’ve come with this blog. It started in grade 3, 2012. That seems like such a long time ago, considering I am in grade 7 now. If you have been here since the beginning the thank you very much for sticking around to see what my life is becoming as I grow older. If you are new, then welcome to the family of random, but kind of interesting stories!

Okay now to get to the main point of this blog post! So even though I am new to this school, I do have some friends (surprise, surprise) and at lunch time we like to go for walks around town. Sometimes to the store sometimes we have no idea where we are going, but it’s always fun, no matter where we go. Sometimes we fall down a hill *coughs* Justin and Riley. Sometimes we get sprayed by $5 axe from the dollar store *cough* Justin and Riley. But not be because I am worth $5 and 1 cent!

Okay well if you’d like any more interesting or weird stories about my life then let me know 🙂




So…. Hello fellow readers/ *pauses* writers…. it’s been a while since I wrote on my blog. I have moved two times lmao. So I moved to Milo Alberta for 8 months and now I live near where I used to live so that’s good.

I started a new school and I am going on my 3rd week here. I have memorized (wow KD so amazing) the class schedule and things…

I have friends… okay don’t lie me… no you don’t.. WAIT yes I do. Haha.

Xx New Updates xX

Moved twice

I’m 13

I has frands

I like reading again

I want to be a journalist when I’m older

I freaking rule lol


Welcome 2017!

Hello fellow readers/writers! Today I will just be explaining a few of my ideas for 2017 and some goals I want to complete. So, first up! My BIRTHDAY is coming up on the 27th so I am excited about that. I am so close to being 13 years old! I know I am still so young, blah, blah, blah. But I really feel like I’m getting to the point where I am almost ready to be treated as an adult.

Stop laughing. Steve! I hear you! STOP!

Anyways another exciting thing is that in the last week, I got two babysitting jobs and in all I made $150 because I babysat over new years and today for a few hours. It was great. Except for the part where a 4 month old wouldn’t stop screaming. But it’s okay, it was worth it XD.

Another thing! It was about this time last year where I was sitting in my old classroom with my best friends. It was great! I miss those losers so much! So hey, if any of them are reading this right now, I miss you guys and I hope for my birthday I can come and kill you all for not texting me. Just kidding! I just want to hug you all and wish you the best for a new year!

Next subject! So my mum and I have made some new years resolutions and we made a cool crafty-mabob called a ‘dream board’. So obviously my mum is way more creative then my poor, fragile, weird and creepy little, 13-year-old mind. But I had some pretty deep sh*t, man. Sorry for my language. I put little things like, a new chair, fix my phone, get my dental stuff done. BUT then there are the deeper ones like, figure out my life HAHA no. But I had really good ones I THINK.

Whatever no one wants to read about my lame-ass resolutions, KAYTLYNN.

So… if anyone has any good or creative resolutions or goals please let me know! I’d love to hear a little feedback from you guys, and I’d love to get back to you if I get the chance! 🙂

Have a fantastic new year, everyone! Love you all! Have a good night 😉